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Aesthetic Dentistry

When it comes to aesthetics, "beauty" and its evaluation are understood. Until today, the understanding of aesthetics has created different concepts in various cultures and societies.
Pythagoras, one of the ancient Greek philosophers, revealed the connection of natural beauty with numerical sciences. According to the "golden ratio" that is still valid today, aesthetic studies are performed on people.
A beautiful smile is the key to self-confidence, the manifestation of positive energy is an imperative role in interpersonal communication.
Thanks to the development of healthy and aesthetic consciousness in people, a dentist visit has begun not only because of tooth decays but also to have a good smile.
The dentist determines the personal gold rate with the examination performed by observation and recording.
In all aesthetic applications, the aim is to find the one that will suit the person. Aesthetic smile planning is made by taking into account the size-color-shapes of the teeth, gum levels and how much they appear when laughing is the same with the symmetrical teeth and gums.