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They are thin porcelains that are adhered to the front surfaces of the teeth. The patient is analyzed and a very thin (0.5 mm) cut is made from only the visible surfaces of the teeth. It is bonded to the surface with a special resin cement. It requires professional and careful work.

In which situationsit can be applied

  • Closing the spaces between the teeth (diestema)
  • If the length of the teeth is desired to be extended
  • If the teeth are deformed
  • In the treatment of broken or cracked teeth
  • If there is a tooth color disorder and the tooth color is not liked by the patient
  • In correcting the slight crowding in the teeth
  • Applied for smile design


  • Since only the front of the tooth is cut, the natural structure of the tooth is preserved.
  • Colors do not change over time.
  • Because it is very thin, it reflects the color of the natural tooth and imitates enamel.
  • Perfect dental aesthetics are provided.