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In fixed orthodontic treatment, tooth movement is achieved by sticking a corrugated metal called bracket on the teeth. Today, it is used in tooth-colored porcelain and transparent brackets. Special bracket system for the inner surface of the teeth It can also be treated by gluing. This is called lingual orthodontics.

Orthodontics Brushing Techniques

What Our Patients Need To Pay Attention To

Hard and sticky foods that should not be eaten
  • Hard nuts such as hazelnuts, peanuts, chickpeas and almonds
  • Toast, hard toast, hard bagel, hard bread crumbs
  • Popcorn, potato chips
  • Sticky foods such as Turkish delight, chewing gum, dried figs, caramel sticky and hard chocolates, paste.
Foods to be considered while eating
  • Fruits that will be bitten whole with front teeth such as apple, pear, peach should be chopped into small pieces and then chewed with the back teeth.
  • Chocolate and sugar should never be chewed, if eaten, they should be melted on the tongue.
  • Foods such as chicken and meat should not be scraped off the bone through teeth.
  • Carrots and cucumbers should not be eaten whole, but should be consumed as a grater.
  • While consuming fruits with seeds such as olives, cherries, cherries and plums, the seeds should never be removed and eaten, and the seeds should not be removed in the mouth.
  • Hard fried parts of foods such as pide and pizza should not be eaten.
Foods that should not be drunk
  • Food residues can accumulate more easily between the braces, which are the tools of orthodontic treatment, and cleaning is more difficult. THEREFORE, THE TREATMENT HAS TO BRUSH THE TEETH WITH A NORMAL TOOTHBRUSH FOR 2-3 MINUTES FOR 3 TIMES A DAY AFTER EACH Meal.. The brush should be replaced with a new one every 1 month and all teeth should be carefully brushed one by one, especially at the joints of the teeth and gums, with circular movements.
  • In addition to daily brushing, the interdental spaces that the toothbrush cannot reach should be cleaned once a day.
Things to be careful about oral cleaning
  • Instant drinks with artificial acids such as cola, fanta, soda. Juices and soda can be drunk.