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Moving Apparatus

Intraoral movable appliances, unlike fixed appliances, are among the intraoral appliances that are attached and removed at any time and used especially in early treatment. Place holders, reinforcement appliances, jaw expander appliances or habit-breaking appliances are classified as movable orthodontic appliances. Some of the movable apparatus types, which are generally used in the treatment of jaw disorders, fit both on the lower and upper jaws and are made with a single body. Intra-oral movable appliances, while straightening the teeth with springs and screws placed on them, give the patient the advantage of removing the appliance whenever they want. The oral appliance is designed by your physician and is used to provide the most effective treatment in a short time.

Who Is The Treatment Of Intraoral Movable Appliances Applied To?

  • People with abnormalities of the lower and upper tooth arches
  • People with unbalanced face and chin structure
  • Those with impaired chewing and speaking functions
  • Those with teeth positioned in the front
  • Those with tooth loss and fractures
  • For those who have crowded, wrongly positioned teeth
  • People with general orthodontic problems

How are Mouth Movable Apparatus Applied?

Intraoral movable apparatus applications are first applied to eliminate the early jaw retardation and mispositioning. In some cases that provide complete definition, the lower or upper jaw is obviously problematic because its position, size and malocclusion are entirely dependent on jaw mismatch. Oral appliances are determined after the doctor's examination. The treatment process begins with the brackets and plates to be used in the mouth. The duration of the appliances used to change the jaw shape between the movable appliances is determined by the physician's prediction. At the same time, a reinforcement appliance is used to maintain the current situation after the orthodontic treatment is finished. Movable reinforcement appliance called lingual retainer is often applied to the lower jaw. Since intraoral movable appliance applications will be applied differently for each person, your physician should determine the treatment method and plan at the first examination. While the use of extra-oral appliance is chosen by the doctor according to the patient's problem, the method and duration of application will also vary according to the condition of the person.

Advantages of Moving Mouth Apparatus

Intra-oral removable appliances are a treatment method that should be applied without delay, especially for children with jaw retardation. Moving oral appliances contribute to the orthodontic treatment process in a fast and positive way. Intraoral movable appliances:

  • It is an economical solution when used correctly and at the right age.
  • It is not difficult to provide oral hygiene since the child can put on and take off the mobile appliances.
  • They can quickly solve simple orthodontic disorders.
  • It does not cause an allergic reaction in individuals.
  • They are appliances that are resistant to impacts and hard food.
  • There is a chance to observe the treatment process in the best way possible.

Removable orthodontic appliances are the most preferred dental appliance for families who want to solve jaw and dental problems of their children, preventing orthodontic problems in advanced ages.