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During pregnancy, if the mother is well nourished and provides adequate oral and dental care, there will be no different problem than the normal period.

Dental and gum diseases increase the possibility of low birth weight baby by 7 times. The patient should go to the dentist control before pregnancy and have the necessary dental and gum treatments. During pregnancy, the amount of acid in saliva increases and teeth become prone to decay.

Vomiting in the first months also increases the acidity in the mouth. Teeth should not be brushed immediately after vomiting, mouth should be rinsed with water and brushed half-1 hour later.

With hormonal changes during pregnancy, gingival problems increase and gum bleeding increases. This condition is called "pregnancy gingivitis". The expectant mother should not stop brushing teeth due to bleeding. Poor oral care makes this situation worse. Gingivitis can be prevented by effective care and cleaning of teeth.

If there is an inflammatory condition in the teeth and gums during pregnancy, it should be treated regardless of the period of pregnancy. X-rays are not taken unless it is mandatory. In cases where it is necessary to take a lead apron, x-rays are taken.

Drug treatment can be started in consultation with the obstetrician, treatments that can be delayed are left after the birth.