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Dental 3D tomography is a new tomography device specially prepared for the head and neck region.

It is a radiological diagnostic method in which jaw, teeth and skull bones can be viewed in detail. Bone and soft tissue details that are not seen in normal x-rays can be seen with tomography.

Orthopantomograph OP300 Panoramic, cephalometric and volumetric tomography are used in our clinic. With this device, more detailed images are obtained with low dose radiation. The amount of beam delivered is the same as in a panoramic x-ray, but in some cases less.

In which situations is it preferred?

Implant planning is made on the three-dimensional image in the examination of the positions of the impacted teeth in the bone, which are anatomical regions such as the mandibular canal and the base of the sinus. Thus, complications that may occur after the operation are prevented.

  • Measuring bone thickness and density
  • It enables the examination of cyst and tumor formations, their spread and their relationship with neighboring anatomical structures.
  • It is used before and after surgery.
  • In examining bone defects
  • Root canal measurements and detection of excess root canals
  • Observing root resorption
  • Trauma cases, Bone and tooth fractures
  • Soft tissue is detected.